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Coaching and accompaniment on project management

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We offer trainings on the 4 dimensions of Agroecology which include:
1.Environmental dimension-we emphasize on the food forest, Biointensive kitchen gardening, agroecology and soil and water conservation etc.
2.Economic dimension– working with Partner organizations, we build capacities for Collective Marketing, Solidarity Savings Group approach and diversification for resilience building
3. Political dimension – We build capacities of teams to accompany farmers in Building an agro ecological movement at local levels.
4.Social-cultural dimension Training on Gender and Agroecology, setting up community seed banks to share on seed knowledge and Diets is done to ensure communities implement what is practical in their regions.
We also train and accompany partners in establishing and maintaining both vegetable and tree nurseries.
We offer permaculture trainings including permaculture farm designs.