Our Services

Training in Practical Agroecology:

We see Agroecology as an approach that takes care of the natural ecosystems and uses local knowledge that can ensures that communities, households have healthier diets and food security. Agroecology is the future and answer to degraded environments in communities across Africa!

Our experience

Working together with Fastenopfer Switzerland, we have trained Project teams of 10 organization to implement Agroecology with Farmers in  8 counties across Kenya. These organisations are implementing Agroecology projects with farmers across 10 counties.

Training has also been carried out for Project teams for Trocaire UKAM projects implementing permaculture and aAgroecology in 3 counties in Kenya.

We have trained over 100 community resource persons, Project officers and Project Coordinator across 12 counties in Kenya, We also accompany the Project teams, discuss gaps and together find solutions in the communities we work.


Training in Bio intensive Kitchen gardening

This training is about organic vegetable growing method designed to maximize harvest in small spaces. It seeks to maximize nutrient dense food production in limited spaces. Key topics tackled during this training include:-

  1. 1.Deep Soil Preparation
  2. 2.Composting
  3. 3.Intensive Planting
  4. 4.Carbon Farming
  5. 5.Calorie Farming
  6. 6.Companion Planting
  7. 7.Open Pollinated Seeds
  8. 8.Whole System Method

Our experience

Funded by Fastenopfer, we have trained project teams and farmers in over 10 organizations across the counties of Kajiado, Machakos, Vihiga,  Kakamega, Makueni, Tana River, Laikipia, Baringo, TransNzoia and Bungoma.



Training for Transformation Course

This training targets development workers, community facilitators, resources persons, project officer to revitalize development work. The trainers use participatory approaches which ensures that participants are empowered with tools, theories and codes that will improve their ability to carryout project analysis, develop critical skills to enhance performance, explore alternatives that empower communities to redress poverty in their areas and mainstream gender in their work.

Key areas of training:

  • 1. Community mobilization and organization using Training for Transformation methods.
  • 2. How to design the problem posing materials
  • 3. How to design community activities and education events
  • 4. Communication and Ethical leadership
  • 5. Building teams and shared leadership.



Project Cycle Management

As your delivery partner, we work with Project teams, alongside your key staff, within your team, supplying hands on project cycle management coaching and advisory to ensure that staffs capacities are built.

The Project Management consultants are certified in Programme cycle management and we focus on successful delivery

Our Experience

We have worked closely with teams of 10 organizations in Strengthening Capacities, in Project Identification, Formulation and Design, Implementation, Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation. We have a long term relationship with Fastenopfer Switzerland to build capacities in Programme Cycle Management for their partners in Kenya.